Thank God It’s Friday!

How many people are already looking towards Friday when they start their work on Monday?

That’s the difference between having a J.O.B. Just over broke and doing something you are passionate about.

I’ve worked many jobs in my life, but I also shifted and started working for myself many years ago.

When you love what you do, you don’t pay attention to what day of the week it is. Right?

So which are you?

Are you working a J.O.B., or are you passionate about what your doing?

I realize there are a few people who will love their J.O.B. because that is where there passion lies such as a doctor or a nurse.

Let us know. Please leave a comment. Inquiring minds want to know.

Happy FriSatSu!

Mel Waller

1 thought on “TGIF”

  1. Hello Gentlemen.
    It’s not FriSatSu yet, but I was out reading other online posts and decided to stop here to see how your collaboration is going. I like it. Keep up the excellent work, and have fun! I wish you both success in all your endeavors.

    To answer your question from the post, I have two online affiliate marketing websites in two different niches: a full-service physical automobile detailing business and a 45-hour-a-week J.O.B. as an I.T. Service Manager. I love all my work but dislike my drive to my full-time J.O.B.

    Regards, Matt


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