Thank God It’s Friday! How many people are already looking towards Friday when they start their work on Monday? That’s the difference between having a J.O.B. Just over broke and doing something you are passionate about. I’ve worked many jobs in my life, but I also shifted and started working for myself many years ago. … Read more

Another Frisatsu is Fast Approaching!

Depending on where you are located, and the weather, what are YOU planning to do in the upcoming Frisatsu? They always go by WAY too Fast! Think about it long and hard, especially during this holiday season! It is 72 hours if you count the Friday portion (which I definitely do), but 48 hours otherwise. … Read more

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday is LIVE!

Happy FriSatSu everyone! Now is definitely the time to take advantage of the Black Friday Savings with Wealthy Affiliate! From Wealthy Affiliate: Today is the day!  We are live with this year’s Black Friday offer.  Before I get rolling with the details, I first want to say that we truly appreciate you and your presence … Read more

A Special FriSatSu Coming Up This Week

This Friday, Nov 24, 2023 is Black Friday and there are Black Friday Special everywhere.

I’ve been on an Educational, Affiliate Marketing Business building platform for over 4 years now and they are having some amazing savings starting on Black Friday.

Be sure to check it out:

That is an affiliate link that will take you to their Free Starter membership and you will also have my free mentorship by using that link.

Hosting, Training, Education, Awesome Community, Free Domain with Premium membership & MORE!

We’ll also be covering this on our FriSatSu Youtube channel:

Stay tuned as we get closer to Black Friday!


What Do You Love About FriSatSu?

I know when I had a job, I enjoyed the time away the 9 – 5 grind and being free to do what I wanted. Currently, I can work when I want. However if I am going to stay in touch with friends, FriSatSu is usually the best time to contact and chat with them. … Read more

The FriSatSu Shuffle by “Frank, The Rock Doc”

Title: The FriSatSu Shuffle [Intro]Hey there folks, gather ’round, it’s story time,Of a weekend jig, in rhythm and rhyme.A tale of days, when spirits climb,Jeffrey Brown’s invention, a dance divine. [Verse-1]Friday evening comes, we kick off our shoes,The week’s behind, no more weekday blues.It’s the FriSatSu, the rhythm we choose,Jeffrey Brown’s the captain, we’re the … Read more