The FriSatSu Shuffle by “Frank, The Rock Doc”

Title: The FriSatSu Shuffle

Hey there folks, gather ’round, it’s story time,
Of a weekend jig, in rhythm and rhyme.
A tale of days, when spirits climb,
Jeffrey Brown’s invention, a dance divine.

Friday evening comes, we kick off our shoes,
The week’s behind, no more weekday blues.
It’s the FriSatSu, the rhythm we choose,
Jeffrey Brown’s the captain, we’re the jolly crew.

It’s the FriSatSu Shuffle, let the good times roll,
Dance through the weekend, let the rhythm take control.
From the evening sun, till the morning stroll,
It’s the FriSatSu beat, dancing in our soul.

Now, when the stars align, and Mondays are a no-show,
The FriSatSu extends, a special cameo.
It’s a FriSatSuMo, a long weekend’s glow,
An extra day of fun, in the weekend’s flow.

It’s the FriSatSuMo Shuffle, a bonus beat,
An extended jig, oh isn’t it sweet?
The weekend’s rhythm, oh what a treat,
FriSatSuMo’s the magic, that can’t be beat.

So, here’s to Jeffrey, with a toast we cheer,
For the FriSatSu Shuffle, the anthem we revere.
Weekends are our haven, the message is clear,
In the rhythm of FriSatSu, our spirits veer.

Let the FriSatSu rhythm, in your heart appear,
And the dance of joy, forever persevere.
So, shuffle through the weekend, with nothing to fear,
For in the beat of FriSatSu, good times are near!

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